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A Messed Up Blog: I had to delete my last

I had difficulty loading and working on my blog after my many places post. So, I deleted it from view. For some reason, was the hang up point on the loading, as I tried to pull up the blog.

Whatever the reason, I don’t think those maps work too well in blogger. Just for your information.

I might not write much here until next week. Gotta see where I should go with a few other things…

The weather has improved some, but now the car decided to have a problem. (Anti-freeze and a thermostat…) I’ll be happy to see a paycheck tomorrow as I go to the pump for $3.50 gas. (Sorry, Brits. You pay a WHOLE lot more…but it still is hurting…since we don’t get some other socialistic services.)

Anyways, I’ll be back on Monday. Take care my loyal readers! (Don’t know why but you are!) 🙂