Purpose of Blog/Files of Interest

This blog is a brief analysis of baseball, history, movies, society, dreams, ambitions, women, music, culture, environment and anything else I can jam into my little piece of Idaho… (No More Mr. Nice Guy header)

But it also is a way to express all of my interests both professional (yeah, boring) and private (the juicy stuff.) Now, being around 36, and worrying about what others think of you – projecting an image of unqualified confidence and assuredness – is hardly a doable task for me. I’ve seen too much bad news, bad times, personal struggles and losses to be too concern about what a blog might leave as an impression.

It may come off as too dark, or too frivilious at certain posts. I might concentrate on the mundane to get me away from those things in my own path I can’t stand. I might also take a stand against injustice or stupidity, because I have a short spurt of courage that day.

So, this is my path: try to expouse some firm beliefs, express some of my history, toy with the idea that we are all secure, knowing that we are all just a few days, sometimes seconds, from tragedy and untold hardship. I feel for the human race. Not always because I care uniquely about everyone – but, because I know we could do better, think better, share more and be more human.  Instead, we drift into the silly stuff and focus too much on it. (I do it tooguilty, guilty, guilty.)

So, aside from that downer, how is your day?

(Here’s some pics to cheer ya up, one, if you are a guy…and one, for the female visitors from a bio)

Brandi DownsBrad Pitt in Achilles role

Talk about “Fair and Balanced.” (And no, I am not a conservative.)

A little Latin for ya: An nescis, mi fili, quantilla sapientia mundus regatur? – Don’t you know then, my son, how little wisdom rules the world?


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