Police Songs: For a blogger that voted for me

Just because I am a big Police fan, I will post a few songs by The Police and Sting. I can remember getting Message in a Box, the entire catalog of Police songs, and thinking, “I’ll never sell this.” Well, I fell on hard times, and sold about 400 CDs and over 400 tapes. I needed money. However, before I did, I did save them on my laptop, that which I could. (Now, the laptop crashed…haven’t listen those 1,200 plus songs in over a year.)

Well here are the Videos/Songs I like:
Too Much Information

Englishman in New York

Demolition Man (In Chile, 1982)

The Soul Cages

Invisible Sun (with Bono, live at Giants Stadium)

Tea in the Sahara (live)

If you Love Somebody, Set Them Free (Dream of The Blue Turtles)

Of course I could put Every Breath, Message, Roxanne, Spirits, Fields of Gold, and plenty of others on the list, but I just gave my oddball favorites.

Thanks Cooper! Easiest Post I’ve Done!

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