Gov. Eliot Spitzer: Spit (or Swallow Your Pride)

Eliot Spitzer (a.k.a. Eliot Ness) has learned, “pride goeth before the fall,” and it has come home to roost. From various sources, Mr. Spitzer has been caught up in a Federal Prostitution sting operation. Immediately, he came out in a news conference to apologize for his indiscretions to his family and the public, though foregoing the mention of solicitation and obtainment of $4,300 worth of services. He did not hint to stepping down as the Governor of New York.

Though rarely prosecuted, except by the then-Attorney General Spitzer, prostitution across state lines can carry some heavy burdens as noted by MSNBC legal analyst Dan Abrams tonight. “He could face up to 20 years,” Abrams noted. In further comments:

“So it’s not that being accused of links to prostitution is an automatic death sentence in politics. But, when you’re Eliot Spitzer, the standard is higher. When your entire political career has been based on [the perception that] you’re a straight arrow.”

My take:
1) As chief law enforcer in the state of New York, he does have a higher standard, nonetheless. If I, citizen X, decided to use the services of a prostitute, I would be given no slack and found guilty by the moralizing Spitzer in a New York Minute.
2) Being he has prosecuted such crimes, expressing such disdain as:

“This was a sophisticated and lucrative operation with a multitiered management
structure,” Mr. Spitzer said at the time. “It was, however, nothing more than a
prostitution ring.”

Casting such dispersions while doing the deed yourself later on does not promote a fair perspective of what us as citizens should expect of government officials. The “do as I say not as I do” outlook just means everyone else is beneath you. Spitzer gets to decide for you, what is good for you.

3) Interesting that the Wall Street crusader now is being investigated on this flimsy personal indiscretion. Wonder if the backlash against him for outing the Bond Insurers dilemmas is coming home to roost. Powerful people in the Wall Street do not like their money to be tampered with on a regular basis. The day after Eliot Spitzer’s liason with this hooker – he appeared up on The Hill. Coincidence that this comes back on him just weeks after testifying before U.S. Congress. I highly doubt it.

In the end, Spitzer will have to swallow his pride and step down. It is not because I have an axe to grind with him, but the people he serves may respect (or forgive) him more (much, much later on) if he does.

Eliot needs also to “go home.” Or he will “spit the bit.”
Some Eliot Spitzer hard facts:
• Spitzer, a first-term Democrat who pledged to bring ethics reform, has been married to Silda Wall Spitzer since 1987, and they have three daughters.
• He is a superdelegate who has pledged to support Hillary Clinton in her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.
• Spitzer prosecuted at least two prostitution rings as head of the state’s organized crime task force, The Times said.
• While at Harvard, Eliot worked for famed law professor Alan Dershowitz. After law school, he clerked for a federal judge, then worked for 2 years at a blue-chip law firm.
• He was New York state attorney general before being elected governor in November, 2006. In that job, Spitzer was dubbed “the sheriff of Wall Street” for launching lengthy campaigns against misconduct in the financial services realm, as well as the prescription drug and power industries.
• Ten of Wall Street’s top firms agreed to pay $1.4-billion in December, 2002, to settle allegations by Spitzer and other regulators that they gave misleading stock advice to investors to help corporate investment clients.
(Source: Reuters, with files from National Post)

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  • Cooper  On March 11, 2008 at 12:28 am

    Politicians are just so sleazy.

  • JayPeeFreely  On March 11, 2008 at 2:38 pm

    You said it.

  • Yobachi  On March 14, 2008 at 8:33 am

    Ha ha, “pride goeth before a fall” good point.

    He needs to impart this new lesson to his good best buddy Hillary Clinton.

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