The Vulgar Post: What brings people to a site – Pics from the Boobie Tube

Sadly, the analysis from MyBloglog reflects that people traffic here for subjects related to women: particularly pictures of Erin Andrews, Becky Quick and various ones of other women I found attractive. So to satisfy thes horny men, I have put together a collage of some attractive ones from the Boobie Tube. It is crass, but it works. Plus it gives me a chance to work on my Powerpoint stuff.

New word for people: Viagranaire (Noun).
Definition: Older Rich Men that land attractive 20-to-30 something trophy wives with the power of money and the capabilities of Viagra.
Sentence: It took only 3 months for the Viagranaire to seduce the Cheerleader-turned -Fox News reporter to marry him. The expectation was that they would retire to the Hamptons to begin the process of raising a new family, his 3rd, her 1st.
Now the pic:

Hopefully, this seems tasteful, yet, it satisfies those guys with a yen for women they are never getting. Get plenty of money, a blog, a vision and…a life guys. I know what it feels like more than any of you.


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