NO New Years’ Haitus: So I’ve been off the internet farm for a while

For those that try to make it a point to stop by Hooverville, that place where I live with the tin cans, cardboard and porn mags for insulation, I duly wish you a pleasant New Year. 2007: Glad to have known you, but not too glad.

To those that I haven’t been going to their blogs, again, my deepest regrets. I have been “guy, interrupted” by the holidays. I had to figure out a way to print on my Lexmark X75 that does not cost a fortune. (Burns through cartridges like Lindsay Lohan goes through GPS ankle bracelets.)

The Lexmark X75: As Homer Simpson says, “Stupid printer!”

Aside from that, the files are too big to send to anyone via email. The server times out. Or the size exceeds the attachment limit, etc. I zipped them. Split them in two. Now it looks like I’ll send out 4 or 5 emails just to get it to some people that won’t want to resemble them back together again. (Sorta defeats the purpose.)

So, unless I get it published, no one will ever see it. (Which is fine, I suppose. The tree in the forest analogy works for my life.)

But that’s enough bitching and moaning for one post.

I wish all of you a pleasant, hangover-free, New Year. I hope you wind up in the arms of someone you care for deeply. Make Love. Not War. Tune in. But Don’t Drop Out…(Yet.) Stay focused on your dreams and don’t let the realities piss you off. Keep an eye on your day to day tasks, but don’t them rule you into doing the same old bump and grind. Have some laughter at George Bush’s expense. Try something new – but do things you have always done well for your best sanity.

That’s all for now. Keep it FRESH TO DEATH!!!

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  • Cooper  On December 26, 2007 at 10:10 pm

    happy new year jason. I THINK I can figure out how to get them together again, after all that four years of college has to be good for something.

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