Comments: 100th comment posted, types of comments and Bloggers

I doubted when I started that 100 times someone would leave a blurb on anything I wrote. For one, I can alienate with the best of them. Secondly, I don’t stay with one particular line of thought: hell, I can’t even complete short stories. (Sorry to those who waited…I totally flaked.)

But this is about you, the commenter to this Bipolar at times blog… 😉

Top commenters:
1) Cooper (25)Not Alice, though he does a late night radio show I listen to at times. This lady has a kickass blog, that though I don’t always agree with her, I can get something from her witty posts. She’s been at the blogging thing for a while, but this was an early comment made about my virgin post back in 2005 at a Yahoo blog I had:
“You have been at it quite some time.

Blogging is great because it is different things to different people. It makes the world much larger.

This was a great initial blog post.

The very first real blogger I read, or at least commented upon, was an almost eighty-year old man who wrote poetry. I was amazed that an eighty year old man wrote poetry, and so I continued blogging and exploring other blogs.

On getting to blogs and commenting:I try to look at it this way, if people are reading me I don’t always expect them to comment. There are times, when at some of my favorite blogs, I just want to read and that is ok. I used to get panicky thinking that I had to get there and comment and now I just float around catching it all and commenting only when I have a strong urge. “

I thank her for her “strong urges” to put words on this blog. I try to do the same…where I can.

2) Bipolar Wellness Writer (16) – Susan does me a great service in responding to my odd posts, normal ones and those that were pretty personal. She built me up a bit with this one:

“I only know you by your writing but what I’ve read is quite wonderful. You are kind, creative, talented, smart, sensitive, bold, you have a delightful sense of humor…shall I go on?”

Yes yes, please do!!! 🙂 It is doubtful anyone I’ve known in recent years (like the 21st century) would say “kind” or “talented” in the same breath when talking about my life. And most don’t think much of my humor, though I restrain it (even here) because I know we live in a PC society that is just too serious for its own good. (This coming from a fatalistic, pessismistic, canta-getta-outta-my-way, shaved-head, looney tunes baseball freak…But I have my good moments too.)

3) Elaine (6) – As a nurse that travels a bit, has recently acquired a dog (Poco) and knows nutrition, I appreciate all of her stop bys. She did an interesting post on what people are Googling for – country to country. And we at least have a TV show in common:

“I love Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe! Can’t say I’ve had a lot of dirty jobs…nursing can get pretty dirty though 😉 “

Now, if I could only get a dirty job that pays well!

I guess you could call these ladies, my “tres blogging amigas!”

Maybe not to surprisingly, I don’t get much traffic on baseball. Which is fine to me. I find most sports nuts like to argue more than anything else – start it, banter it and rehash it until you cave – and that pretty much sucks. I don’t spend hours on the computer that I don’t have to, and arguing with someone 1,000+ miles away that just finds life enjoyable in comparing over and over the Big Red Machine, 27′ Yankees (36′ Yankees) and 72-74 Oakland A’s, isn’t going to make me enjoy life.

I try to leave worthy comments at places I visit. I’d say the 80-20 rule applies. 20% of them write or stop by my site, the rest don’t. I make it a point to stop by about 20 blogs on a semi-regular basis, and comment. Though I could spend hours reading, commenting and surfing blogs and stuff, I just am not able to or wanton of that.

Comments that I make are meant for a reason: to build up or support a blogger, to analyze what the blog was saying, maybe get a long discussion going on the topic…course traffic helps. Sometimes, I just think the best thing is to fill up a person’s mailbox with an actual letter.

With the millions upon millions doing blogs, like journaling everyday, it is all ready passe to write down what we are thinking.

Course there was a need to create professional bloggers, who, I rarely read. They got sponsorship, some have credentials and plenty have Google-Double Click marketing. They run the gambit of political-social-economic backgrounds and viewpoints. And likely will shape the future of the internet in ways I am not able to fully comprehend, but will appreciate, because I blogged too.

I don’t know where I should go with blogging… I write shorts on the fly, but have not attain the discipline to complete them. (Mainly I should do it first, then post.)

I have a political post brewing – how I think we are going about the election of a president ALL WRONG – and what leadership to me is. I’ll address the economy, these “lithmus test” issues that do nothing but shift the focus and whether we really need any political party system at all.

Maybe a horror story (actually completed before I post it) will come on ALL HALLOW’S EVE.

To the top commenters, I really do appreciate you spending 5 minutes looking at my crap. You got sucked into my black hole of the internet – but at least you can escape, with a click. 😉

Good Day and Well Met!!!

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  • Tracy  On October 22, 2007 at 4:18 pm

    I have to say thanks for being regular commenter. I apologize for being so lax in my writing, but I’m super busy with school right now. I appreciate the “actual letter.” I have to say I’m not all that fond of “professional” bloggers, either. They are all writing about “how to make money” with a blog and how “not everyone can do it” and blah, blah, blah. Looking forward to the political post. I’ve always enjoyed learning about the government and my history class is kind of covering some of the things it sounds like you are going to be writing about. Good luck! And thank you. (Sorry for being long-winded)

  • Bipolar Wellness Writer  On October 23, 2007 at 12:30 am

    Congrats on your 100th post! That’s quite an achievement. I’m delighted to be listed among your top commenters! And I so appreciate all the support you’ve given to me as well!


  • cooper  On October 23, 2007 at 9:01 pm

    Happy 100TH and many more.

    I wanted to tell you that for some reason your blog loaded very slow this evening. I am not sure if you added something new, but I had to rewind it – or whatever it’s called a couple time before I could get it to load properly.

    It could be my browser but just a shout out.

  • Elaine  On October 24, 2007 at 7:55 am

    Hey congrats on your 100th post! What a surprise to see my name mentioned, a good surprise though 😉 Wishing you many more happy blogging days.

  • JayPeeFreely  On October 24, 2007 at 4:59 pm

    No, thanks to all of you. You’ve made it a point (or at least a routine) to come by here to read what my little brain comes up with.

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