It’s been a while: And it will be a while longer

As a result of the MLB playoffs, I will probably post less over the next few weeks.

Between the games, trying to incorporate the time with my “baseball writing” and my penchant for being sidetracked easily (like a horny guy looking at perfect pert boobs, yeah I went “there”), I can’t foresee coming to the library to do these updates…

So, here’s a rundown of things on my mind:

  1. Finishing up a short story. Part 3 of the recent story will see a trip to BAMA and POKER. (Not poke her.)
  2. Burma. It’s been in all the news. Military wins, for now. UN has almost zero street cred as a negotiator of peace or democracy. It is decidedly weak and a poor excuse for power organization.
  3. Britney Spears. Yikes! Kevin is a better parent? The judge was better off giving a crackhead a shot at rearin’ children in a mansion than letting these two do it. How is it that the people with money and fame can’t get anything right when it comes to parenting???
  4. Heroes, Chuck and Journeyman. As shows go, Chuck isn’t too bad. Has to step it up a bit if it is going to remain. Heroes still jumps around too much. The Cheerleader and “Hiro” are what the show has going for it – because she’s attractive and a multilingual character that’s a dork and savior has good traits – therefore, people tune in for skin and dork factor. Journeyman is like Quantum Leap with Scott Bakula, only Sam had Al (Dean Stockwell.) Who’s this guy got? A nagging wife, a suspicious brother (and ex of his current wife) and his totally hot, long-departed fiance? AL had divorces, nagged SAM all the time, and chased women all the time. Plus he spent years in a prison camp – as one episode brought out.
  5. No hugging!!! Can’t kids get in a hug line and peep out their bros? Is that really the main problem in America school system? I think it is the educational structure in the classroom, the books and resources used to teach, the teachers inability to relate the world to them and basically, administrators not being able handle their charges. Too bad, many bright minds get dissed by their teachers, only to become a “bad” adult. (Guilty as charged.)
  6. Stock Market & Housing. This thing never goes down. Corporations love the weak dollar right now. Americans don’t. As oil is projected to hit $100, a dollar isn’t worth 48 cents in Britian and the Chinese are running a laissez-faire market, we stand by as corp bigwigs get fat cash. Housing is going down in Nevada, Michigan, Indiana, Florida and Cali.
  7. Everything. Is the universe really going to come around to my way of thinking??? Stay tuned…

(I’ll be back shortly, as soon as my mind reaches out of my body…)

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  • Cooper  On October 4, 2007 at 12:18 am

    So we will see you after the field of dreams closes?

  • Anonymous  On October 4, 2007 at 6:40 pm

    Probably…(its Jason)

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