Genesis: A few old ones, and some that are being covered

Dance on a Volcano – 70’s classic, sounds sooo 1970’s with the synthesizers

Los Endos – The closing number from Seconds Out, first live album released without Peter Gabriel as the lead singer

ABACAB – Named for the key signatures in the song. I’m not a musical expert, so don’t rag on me if that is wrong.

Land of Confusion: Currently, Disturbed regenerated this song from the heap of the 1980’s. It was very timely; spoke to what the World was going through – Nukes, Libya, Actor-turn-Prez R. Reagan in satirical, comical way.

Disturbed’s version: pretty loyal to the structure of the first. Only more terrifying in the video – taking itself much more seriously, and Capitalism & Greed is the real bad guy.

That’s All: About living with a person that’s a pain in the ass. Which is something many, many people can understand nightly. Those that can remember life without that hardship, should count their lucky stars. It isn’t pleasant for a moment. Even when you are suppose to love them – as in this song – they turn out to disappoint more than anything

Home by the Sea – I didn’t know that a video game was using this song as its music. But then again, most have to do something to get those residuals on their craft. Song about people from the ‘outer world’, aliens, which fits the game, I suppose. (I haven’t played video games in a decade.)

Home by the Sea – this last part is pretty cool, from the guitar part to the little drum fills. The group is much, much younger. Performance from the 1980’s. From 9:00 on is the best part….

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