99th post: Keeping to the game plan, formations and route running

Instead of the 100th post, I picked 99.

I wondered if I had really stayed on track to the premise of this blog: “analysis of baseball, history, movies, society, dreams, ambitions, women, music, culture, environment, etc.”

The number of posts could be a measure. Or the quantity/quality of responses to certain ideas. Or just my opinion of the worth of certain posts.

So far I’ve discuss baseball a few times. Either the history, predictions or just some statistical flava I put together. I’ve done a poor job with that topic: owing some of that to rehashing some of the thoughts I am trying to put together.

History. It is apart of all things done. Just about any event can be dissected down to some timeline, reaction, motive or bias that came about do to someone or some event taking/making a choice.

Society & Culture. That threads through many of the posts. What we are doing, or not doing right.

Dreams & Ambitions. Many of the unfortunate “me-posts” have discussed things that were probably best left unsaid. Yet, if I did, and somehow you found me out later, you would feel lied to…We are who we are now, but we are usually defined by what events took place in our past. (Either by us, or as some forget, by the people who “get to know” our history.)

As such, I am colored by those events, and whatever my ambitions & dreams are, I get pulled in two directions: accept my limitations as often placed on me by an often unforgiving society (experienced 1st hand much too often) or hell be damned with some rule, procedures or construct made up by someone who is more interested in their financial, personal or moral protection than their further understanding of people, events and causes of ills in the world.

“But I am who I am…who am I?” as the Dave Matthews Band lyric goes.

Music. I’d say I covered too much of this. Videos, lame poetry, lists, etc.

Women. I don’t understand them. I may live with two of them, aunt and mom, but really, they aren’t exactly the best role models. (My aunt surely isn’t.) As a result, no matter what vapid, outward beauty projection I likely fall for, I don’t get them on the level necessary to develop anything beyond a cursory or acquaintance-level bond. I don’t think it is all me. But it is related to my desires and their necessities in life, love and living.

To date, I don’t get what produces that great attraction for them, that aha! moment of “this is the one for me.” Recently I watched a BBC episode on attraction to the opposite sex. In it, factors were studied by scientists based on outward appearance, personality tests and face matching/mirroring. The results for women: Height was leading reason for initial attraction to a man – generally 5″ taller than they were. Men that were above average in height were prone to receive more date opportunities in this lab experiment involving 50 men and 50 women. For men: Waist to Hip ratio was a key for selecting a woman for an initial go through. Generally .66 (24 to 36) is considered desirable. Anything under .7 probably catches the male eye.

Additionally, if you put people on a spectrum of facial features, with most feminine on one hand, most masculine at the opposing end, people select their mirrors (or closest to them) more often.

But attraction doesn’t mean much, after we discuss our alleged “real hearts.” Since people bring loads of travel on to the game of love, we generally fall back into programmed ideas. So we miss opportunities for such happiness, due to hang ups. That of being human…

Environment. I haven’t hit the mark here either. I am concerned about it (Hurricanes, Energy Usage, City Planning, Recycling and the like) but I haven’t wrote enough on it. At one point in college, I was taking an assessment that stated I should go into Environmental Engineering. I wish I had. I got caught up in satisfying my mother’s goal, as an Industrial, since I picked that in 8th grade. So that didn’t work out due to other reasons.

I hope to do better on this issue, though I am just reinterating what others know about it.

Politics. I didn’t mention it, because, whatever the viewpoint (liberal) there is a possibility of angering myself too much on this. The Iraq War was a fallacy. Bush’s election the first time was joke. And we suffer from it.

Now, I have to concede, leaving Iraq high-n-dry will only exacerbate the region’s problems. Get ready America: a long-term mil base in Iraq is going to happen. I’d say 15,000 troops, 1-2 fighter wings, possibly a Naval base of some significant level – probably cruisers, destroyers and a big ole aircraft carrier. Funding, location and that treaty needed to do it will become hot. But it will happen. Sorry.

Justice. I think we know where I fall on this. But if you don’t, I have tried to be on the side of minorities, the down-n-out and those who never get a fair shake. Too many cases are stupid and maliciously brought for the sake of the rich, powerful and fearful of nothing.

Cheap Trick – Live from Budokan’s “I Want You to Want Me”

That’s 99!!! Have a Great Weekend!

Keep it Fresh to Death!

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