Contests & Entreprenuers: Logo Designer Contest by David Airey

I was initially going to write about Bipolar disease, since it had made its way to airwaves on channel 5 news and into the paper I deliver, The Northwest Indiana Times. Instead, I have decided to enter another blogger contest that I’ll not win.

David Airey is running a blogger contest for continued support of his graphic design blog.

Logo Design is now essential for top flight companies and entreprenuers in order to increase their brand awareness. For the blogosphere, by Nate Whitehill will make a blog standout from the rest and keep customers intrigued with a top notch Front Page. Without by Maki, even a good idea/concept will not reach in fullest potential in terms of revenues generated for the blogger and its sponsors. A dedicated website by John Boardley of , will give your website a solid footing to take hold while you develop products, services and other content-related ideas. Finally, everyone needs a development book called by Lorelle VanFossen, to enhance the flava of their site and determine exactly what their blog will be focused on.

Many of best entreprenuers in the world would likely have dominated their realms much faster with the ideas of the blog available to them now. People such as Mary Kay Ash – Most Outstanding Woman in Business in the 20th Century , Richard Branson – The Rebel Billionaire and the Ultimate Multipreneur , Walt Disney – The Man Behind the Mouse or Henry Ford – Founder of Ford Motor Company and Manufacturing Assembly Line Innovator would undoubtedly have the world buzzing with their ideas, dreams, innovations and brand development to such a large degree with the advent of the BLOG and Multi-purpose Websites.

But even these Vice Admirals of Capitalism would appreciate good foot soldiers with site critiques by Designer 1st Class Randa Clay for . Since we always need to look for improvement, a good looksy by this professional in the webspace area is helpful. A by Ensign Lyndon Antcliff can be another avenue of for fine tuning a site to generate more Search Engine hits while hopefully generating more profits for your site. Another writer, Daniel Scocco of would also be a excellent lieutenant for design, SEO, monetization and blogging strategy. And finally, Field Commander Phil Gerbyshak would assess the quality of these Admirals’ battle plans via a .

Need more exposure? Try as the answer with top outfit BEHRINGER PODCASTUDIO USB providing the appropriate tools and resources to gain that that leg up on the competition.

Can’t pay? Secretary of Commerce Gayla McCord of will pony up $25 for your costs.

Lack Storage Space? Logistics Sergaent Jamie Clague at is giving away 2 GB of storage via the USB sticks.

Need more power, captain? The Crackerjack company of will provide that support.

More eyes on the prize? A published on Blog-Op with Field Reporter Chris Lodge as your eyes (and ears on the blogosphere heartbeat.) Maybe another from Aaron Russell of miLienzo will get the peepers of blogs on your six.

Not technically proficient at blogging? Logistics Officer Lakshmi Mareddy has outstanding that could bring those great ideas to life on the page. Hock Ng of has mad review skills of that can bring your blog up from the deeps of Davey Jones locker.

Your Battle Plan not good? Combat Commander Charles Jordan of The Queer Chef has a new menu of options at your disposal that can cook the enemy where they stand with ideas.

Need someone behind enemy lines? Then Superspy Ben Yoskovitz can get into the enemy’s psychology with a quick .

Battle Tactics need revision? As a top drill sergeant, Mark McGuinness of will retrain your soldiers via “” in two sessions that will get them to become lean, mean fighting machines.

Need a sit down with the top brass? Major General Rebecca Caroe is the Top Star in the Corps. It is her position as a to inform you of the options availed to you on your path to Brand Development and Growth. A face-to-face in London / Cambridge is pricey, but she’ll also come to your beach head for her travel expenses…

Time to sue for peace? As Ambassador Tammy Lenski will relate in a one-hour, private telephone convo, a can settle any issues that the war could not.

Lauching a counterstrike? Sometimes a with Design Translator (DT) of Design Sojourn can be the deciding blow in a conflict.

Need more military funds? Financial Liason Easton Ellsworth works that can keep the campaign going in the face of dwindling resources.

Need a better equipment? Inventor Sara of has new weapons in the war to win the hearts and minds of bloggers/surfers everywhere. Or Jonathan of will open up those civilians that peruse your sphere of influence.


As a result of this enterprise, I have taken the idea of a contest, infused entreprenuers and military jargon into the mix, and low and behold, made at least 23 references to the Logo Designer by David Airey contest.


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  • cooper  On September 4, 2007 at 10:34 pm

    good luck.

    I want the water color.

  • David Airey  On September 5, 2007 at 1:10 am

    Good of you to enter, Mr Powers.

    Good luck!

  • rebecca caroe  On September 17, 2007 at 3:06 pm

    Thanks for linking to me

    Rebecca Caroe

  • Lakshmi Mareddy from Chilligavva  On September 23, 2007 at 10:52 am

    Thank you for the links, and good luck with the draw! I’m as excited as you are…

    I want to bring to your notice that my blog Chilligavva is now at and not Could you edit the post to reflect the same? This would also help point my incoming links to the correct destination. As of now this is a manual process, and hence my writing to you. Much as I would love to write you a personal note, I searched high and low in your site and could not get your e-mail address:)

    Deeply appreciate your co-operation on this :}

    Muchas Gracias
    Lakshmi Mareddy from Chilligavva

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