College Football: Erin Andrews, Bonnie Bernstein, Sideline Reporters and the Game

I’ve actually went jogging the last few days, but with my Saturdays now involving the College Football season, I think the weekend warrior deal will go to the wayside.

One thing, among other things the season is good for, is to see my favorite female sideline reporters. I don’t know any red-blooded male who doesn’t like “checking out” these two:

Bonnie Bernstein has being working the sidelines for a decade as mainly a football reporter. She does fill in for Jim Rome on “Rome is Burning” and sometimes does the NFL LIVE football half-hour report on ESPN (Expertly Slanted Pathetic News.)

She seems like a very real fan of what she does, and it looks like the stairmaster has done nice work too. (Check out the pipes on her!) Anyways, the sideline reporting gig probably gets old, but she is still good on the eyes and keeps the College ranks worth watching even in the blowouts.

Erin Andrews has been reporting for about seven years. A Florida Gator alum, she does tend to root for those Swamp people from the Sunshine State. She also works for the 4-letter Sports Giant after a stint with TBS Sports.

I would say she is the most versatile sideline host, doing basketball games on ESPN, College baseball & Little League World Series, along with Thursday night College Football and I hear also a few Hockey tilts. (She dated an NHL player – too bad their league sucks.) (Also: See below with Dee Brown.) She is a very tall woman, in excess of 5’9″. Sometimes she is taller than the coaches she interviews after their hard fought victories.

She has a bright personality and a smile in her voice when she interviews the average player or coach. Since ESPN and NBC changed their formats for the NFL, I think she’ll stay put on the 4-letter network, though she would be awesome in the original Monday Night Football fare. Certainly wouldn’t hurt that cause. The Wizard of Odds has a write up on Erin Andrews.

But the games still are the most important. The eye candy does not take precedent over that. It is a diversion, like flipping through the channels to find one without a commercial on while your favorite show is on break. Seeing if the idiot box can provide a lasting moment of entertainment.

Plenty of other fools (yep, I’m a fool) find that these two reporters make some 42-13 blowout interesting when they ask some player about overcoming adversity to achieve his goals of becoming the 10th all-time leading rusher in Michigan Football history.

Yes, it is a dumb thing to ask anyone, but someone’s gotta do it. (The fluff & personal digging into a player’s life. Women do it better – or at least a “man” has an easier time telling a woman that stuff.)

Anyways, I’ll be seeing plenty of games and other sideline reporters honing their craft as people trying to get the “inside scoop” on a game that may or may not be very memorable.

Until next time, I’ll root for those Purdue Boilermakers!!!!

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