Dog fighting: Michael Vick star will dim considerably

In the recent news surrounding the Michael Vick indictment, the issue of ethical treatment of animals weighs heavily. For a very long time in human existence, using animals to do work, or race, or fight has been utilized by all types of people.

A few examples:

Bullfighting – Spanish Matadors that put on a show in controlling a bull before the bull is put down. This goes back at least to the 8th century A.D. The Romans also likely engaged in this for warmups to Gladiator fights.

Horseracing – Is the second most widely attended spectator sport, behind baseball. (60,000,000 approx.) Gambling on the sport is a multi-billion dollar outlet. Horses that lose races too often are sold off andor undoubtly, put down in some rare cases, if injured or otherwise the owner sees fit to do so.

Dogracing – From sled dogs in the Iditarod to Greyhounds in Miami, these dogs are most similiar to the horseracing realm. Many are taken well care of; and an unfortunate few are probably used only for breeding purposes.

I’m no expert on any of these “sports.” We love our pets and our animals usually without expecting them to become prize winners or breeding stock. The recent indictment against Michael Vick will malign his career forever. (If he has any career left…) With PETA and countless millions outraged at this sub-culture of Dogfighting, Michael Vick and his 3 co-defendants will be lucky to retain any prospects towards the future.

I’m not supporting Michael Vick in this post.

His best outcome is to take a plea for a light(er) sentence, cut his legal expenses (figure $2,000,000 on the safe side), and save as much money on this deal as possible. He has the ability to survive in life due to his multimillionaire status. He should do this because he will never represent another product, get to host on a TV spot, or otherwise rehabilitate his image. At least that is a realistic thought.

However, he might change that if he clear about why it ever got started. Or how he will change that in the future.

Believe me, he is not entirely responsible (The PDF of the indictment is here.) but he is equally responsible, and that he’s the “prize dog” in the indictment means he’ll get the worst of it. (The other co-defendants would be wise to roll on Michael Vick – for reduced time.)

I was never a true believer in Michael Vick the QB of the Atlanta Falcons. I saw his physical talents as superior to nearly all others, but I felt it came too easy for him. And he knew it too. His improvement as a QB never came; and that reflected too on the field.

This justice field, fighting the U.S. Government, will unfortunately end bad for him if he fights it in a courtroom. The court of public opinion will assure that result. He faces up to 6 years in prison from various reports. I’d be guessing, but if convicted, he’s guaranteed in my estimation at least 3 years. (The same amount of time Mike Tyson received for his conviction.) Throw out the sentencing guidelines. The judge will do whatever it take to make his point clear: making money off of dog fighting is illegal. (Reading the indictment, Michael Vick’s enterprise was not all that successful…at least, among the counts listed.)

Anyways, it’s a very bad story for a man who got a 10 year -130 million dollar contract. You’d have thought he could bet on horses, dogracing or something else, aside from football, to get the fix of gambling on something. Or bought a horse to run in a big race…something…

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