Best of the best of the best: Top Bloggers

I was tagged to complete a mission of unparalleled importance: to pick out 5 great bloggers that exist on this planet. It was a tough. I sweated the small stuff; did not follow Steven Covey’s 7 rules of being a blogger; and I found little solace in watching the Cubs implode today…(Fight in the dugout and club house between ace pitcher Carlos Zambrano and catcher Michael Barrett.)

But here are my favorites, and I hope they continue on their trek to find enlightenment (or attention, hehe) in tapping the keys of life in communication.

  • Gustavo Sosa – I met Gustavo via Yahoo 360! He’s a Uruguayian ( I think that’s right) engineer with talent to vascillate between very happy and very pensive. He makes me laugh and think. He is bilingual, something I’m not, and does have an addiction to supermodels. (Being male, I can relate.) Stop by his site, he does have some odd thoughts!
  • Another Maria – A very cool design to a blog. She writes from the gut. Loves music. Shares her interests. And I think would be cool to just hang out with, and I am far, far different from her, age (34) being the biggest divide. I think she’ll do well at anything she puts her mind to.
  • Everyday Weekender – A sports/hobby blog, with some twists. Has great information on his doings. Knows about a wide array of things. Has clarity in his thoughts, which makes it a great blog. You can tell he is living a life!
  • Just a Girl in Short Shorts Talking about Whatever – She’s an ex-lawyer, so that tells alot. Posts a ton more than any of the normal bloggers. Opinionated, well yeah, and has plenty to share about society, causes and celebs stupid adventures.
  • A Quiet Symphony – Now, this girl can write. She’s an X-file fan.She makes me read things twice because her thoughts are very deep and word choice makes you think.

I think all blogs can use some good publicity – because we are sharing our day, doings and deeper thoughts that get lost in our driving thru traffic, running errands and get the kids days.Now, back to baseball posts!!!

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  • Wonder Woman  On June 4, 2007 at 4:49 pm

    Is “Another Maria” the same as “Just a Girl in Short Shorts…”? I think both links take you to the same spot.

    I loved reading these blogs because they’re recommended by someone I appreciate! Thank you!!!


  • Melanie Faith  On June 5, 2007 at 7:42 pm

    Hey, thanks for the kuddos! I appreciate it. Glad to know that I’m just not writing for my own self-amusement. Well… maybe a little of that, too. 😉

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