Poetry: And Melodies Played On My Head,The Montage

‘The Song Remains the Same’
As this story-legend goes,
‘The Way It Is’ by the Range
Can mellow out those foes.

‘Voices of Babylon’
Tigris in the past Outfield
‘With or Without You’
You Too
can make it so real.

A ‘Murder of One’
Will come with the Counting Crows
And ‘Home by the Sea’
Will Genesis
go above the raining lows.

‘D Minor’ change to this story goes back to Bach
‘Per Eco’ concerto
sees Vilvaldi’s face in shock
‘Heartbreak Hotel’ does see it’s Elvis or two

‘Ride On’ will switch the Light On for me and you.
‘Sign of the Times’ gives new meaning to this Symbol
And ‘High Hopes’ can Frank forever be so nimble
‘Little Wing’ walking through clouds, can I ride along with Jimi
‘Alive’ is a hope that Pearl Jam will soon give me.

My ‘Personal Jesus’ is also in a lovely Mode
At ‘3AM Eternal’ I forget what KLF I should hold
‘The One I Love’ has been going through my Sleep
‘Faithfully’ I keep my Journey onward into the deep.

‘Bittersweet’ is a song for those with a Big Head
‘Dancing Nancies’ the story by Dave I’ve often led
‘December’ a Collection of Souls have to weep
‘Dreams’ Van Halen can make those in need think not to weep.

A ‘Message in a Bottle’ sent by the Police to my lonely shore
The ‘Fire Inside’ keeps Bob always beckoning at my door
‘Wish You Were Here’ Pink thought as I also had
‘Black Diamond’ by Yoshiki is ever a KISS so sad.

‘Yesterday’ light shone on this pack of Beatles
‘Hey Hey What Can I Do’ seems a loving forever needle
‘Your Song’ Elton never lost in my heart
The ‘Power of Love’ says Huey, is where it has to start.

The ‘Limelight’ is a Rush to souls all around
‘Iris’ is a Live with pleasures, we’ve all heard that sound
‘The Chain’ is broken by this well-traveled Fleet
‘Georgia on My Mind’ Ray always sets the beat.

‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ a Crowded House it’s has become
‘Turn the Page’ as it is, Seger wrote this one
‘In God’s Country’ I hope You Too will be
‘The Best of What’s Around’ Dave has made it for you and me.

‘Unchained Melody’ is a Righteous tune
‘Stand by Me’ by B.E. came over me in 72’
‘Yours Eyes’ as Peter saw his forever love
‘She’s Some Kind of Wonderful’ as the Railroad stopped from above.

‘Don’t Stop till You Get Enough’ has Michael lost his art
‘Return to Innocence’ this Enigma plays it part
‘Barber de Seville’ Rossini makes the cut
‘Don’t You Forget About Me’ a Simple Mind breaks the rut.

While ‘Running Down a Dream’ Tom worked on a mystery
‘California Dreaming’ leaves of brown, colors this Families history
‘In the Air Tonight’ I feel it coming… something Phil’s up the room
‘White Room’ where shadows run along with Cream’s doom.

‘Break It Down Again’ those Tears are so elemental
‘Hear that Sound’ In Excess things can be so detrimental
‘Jacob’s Ladder’ steps climbed to get to the good News
‘Fire and Rain’ Taylor made contradicting similar views.

‘Dust in the Wind’ blows in Kansas as all we are
‘Radar Love’ Golden the thing we call a shining star
‘Don Giovanni’ a story Mozart doubled in his life
‘Layla’ two singers fight for the love of a beautiful wife.

In ‘The Dance’ Garth’s cut did himself proud
And as ‘The Gambler’ Kenny’s cards are folded, but we all think out loud
These ‘Seven Bridges Road’ Eagle-eyed we’ve stared
‘Run to You’ as the First, I’ve shown that I still cared.

In ‘Superstition’ Stevie looks for the writing on the wall
‘Carry that Weight’ as this Band did to voice their call
In the ‘Star Wars’ trilogy, John did use the force
‘The Fifth Symphony’ by Beethoven came from a man quite as course.

‘The Rose’ by Midler harks the beauty we all do seek
‘Unforgettable’ by Nat King, a song for Cat, I hope she does not blink
‘Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag’, James has carried his on
‘I Walk the Line’ says Cash, I will be sorry when he’s gone.

‘Worn me down’ like a road, a sultry Yamagata belts out
While ‘Yeah’ by Usher, talks about his girl on the about
‘Far Away’ for far too long, a Nickelback takes a dime
And Coldplay’s ‘Clocks’ lights go out in just the nick of time.

‘In the Mood’ together I see you, me and Miller makes three

‘Round Midnight’ Theolonius, Miles and Coltrane will also play to thee
‘Around the Clock’ will see Bill’s Comet from a 1066 night
‘Piano Man’ in the mood for a melody, Billy’s work gave this one spirit all right.

As many tunes come to mind, we don’t forget those that do as such
Precious should songs with lyrics be and those that don’t do as much…

For the goal is to paint a portrait of who we think is us
Never should sorrow give to loss, for we do forever lust
To live a normal life- whatever that means
Artful our endeavors – paint the golden scene
Thy art is new and as such will take time
I pose no worry if mine- oh, mine-dies on the vine
With this I take the leave of those who have read
Happy melodies you can make-please take what I’ve said.

Note: This was mostly written in 1997. Only a few minor additions were made.
Plenty more could be added, as music evolves from basic rock, to alternative,
to electronica, to trance to anything “new” to world.
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