Fidelity: Who knew? Women cheat too! Sex and Loving it!

Kinda going away from the Baseball Topics for a minute – hey it plays till October – to bring up what people love to talk about: Relationships.

Two articles caught my eye. The first states a connection between index-ring finger length and scores on the SAT test (and likely the ACT) in verbal-mathematical areas. Longer ring finger means more testosterone and high math scores, whereas, longer index finger means you are a verbal sort with estrogen pumping through the body in excess. Now that is an oversimpilfication, but the gist of it is that.

“Finger ratio provides us with an interesting insight into our innate abilities in key cognitive areas,” Brosnan said, in a prepared statement. The results will be detailed in an upcoming issue of the British Journal of Psychology. In the future, his team will see if finger-length ratios are related to other cognitive and behavioral issues, such as technophobia, career paths and possibly dyslexia.

But what does it mean? Are we really just a product of genetics? Another study ties violent behavior in men to their finger lengths too.

More than anything, I think the findings reinforce and underline that a large part of our personalities and our traits are determined while we’re still in the womb,” Hurd said. The connection was found only with physically aggressive behavior, not with verbal aggression or other forms of hostility.
A 2003 report in Chemical & Engineering News, a weekly newsmagazine published by the American Chemical Society, said “flawed brain chemistry, brain damage, genetic defects, an unhealthy psychological environment” all contribute to violent behavior.

These two assessments also link to the fact that men are smarter than women by 3.6 IQ points on average. It fuels the debate as to how much we really are nature v. nuture.

In a more interesting story, women cheat in marriage for reasons that are basically narcissistic. (Opinion, not fact.)
Reasons these women are alleged to sought a relationship:

  1. Taken for granted – Familiarity has bred indifference. Get tired of being under appreciated.
  2. Change in life path – Different interests. Meet someone that understands why you like “antiquing” or some other interest you share with another.
  3. No Passion. Wants to be pursued, even though the marriage is not bad. Lack of excitement has led her to belief, “I want a one-night stand.”
  4. Fantasy has fizzled. The man you married is not the dream boat hunk you met and built up in your mind. Out looking for a new prince charming.
  5. Ego boost. Have everything going right, even the man, but need that extra something something.
  6. Revenge. Cheating husband. Looking for some get back.

Of these, 4 to 5 are totally about the women’s desire to fulfill her singular wants of being. It suddenly becomes all about them. This selfish behavior is now consider ok by cultural norms as this quote reflects:

But these days when a woman feels dissatisfied in her relationship, she doesn’t just suck it up and complain to her friends over cosmopolitans. She gets a private email account, posts a profile at and starts looking for hookups herself. In other words, the stigma is gone. In the old days, the news that a woman supped at another man’s table might have provoked scandal; now it barely raises an eyebrow. And if she’s someone famous, well, that’s just a boon to tabloid circulation…

LonelyCheatingWives looks like a terrible way to hookup, but whatever works…

It is LITTLE wonder people can’t stay together, and points back to my 5-year marriage deal.

Enjoy the day– or go have an affair!

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