2012: Calling all Humans…Get your spaceship ready!!!

The Mayans of Central America were pretty smart, if violent, fellows. Seems they could predict Lunar movements accurately and their calendars were way ahead of the Indo-Europeans… Just one thing: they didn’t see any future beyond the Winter Solstice of 2012, about 5 1/2 years from now. Why I am writing about it?
Last night I was watching the History Channel which usually discusses all things history, sometimes with a bias, but at least it isn’t a Friends rerun or 3 nights of the same movie on TNT or TBS. (I don’t get those paid movie channels…)
Much of the information on Mayan Prophecy is pretty far out to talk about. I am more of “wait and see” person on theories, but I do tend to believe things are not quite as what we seemingly would like.
I like changes in lfe. I went to school for that – Industrial Engineering – which is generally seen as the root of “change” engineers. Kaizens (Good Change) and Continuous Improvement are the watch words under which many IEs live. The idea is to make things more efficient, less costly and better for humanity using technology, machines, people and ideas.
Why are they connected? The world is changing; environmentally, socially, religiously, economically and genetically. We are in the midst of a transition between what was and what will be…How well each of us transitions is based on our adaptability to forces outside our control and seeing them before they overwhelm us.
Various other prophecies are out there too. For example the Hogue Prophecies is another man who gives his take on Nostradamus and using some Astrological and intuitive beliefs.
Before you believe I think solely along these lines, I don’t. I am an information person from as many sources, some good and some to be discarded, as I can look at. I always felt you do yourself a disservice to discount things too quickly because there is a possibility it may come to be an Essential knowledge, if only about one’s self.
Granted, I’ve grown skeptical about some things. However, we all can expand our horizons by just taking a glance at something outside our comfort zone.
Lastly, the astrology graph is my horoscope at birth. For those who know about Astrology, give me your opinion.
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