Poetry: I look upon greener pastures

This work is inspired by Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. Which means his work, as is his remarkable life, is awesome. While this is poorly-crafted drivel. He is among my favorite poets through translation. His love poem Puedo Escribir is a favorite.

I look upon greener pastures
Where you guide my hands,
Fuel my fire,
Forge our wind.

May your fairness endure my shortcomings.
The thoughtless dreamer I sometimes am,
While you stand on a dusty doorstep; waiting to scold and touch my face.

I curl myself in your arms at sunsets.
The every days are wondrous with you.
The bending sky painted purple and adorned with your eyes.
I see more in one glimpse at you than in a lifetime given to me.
The morning rainbow’s beauty stems from your tears,
Asks and receives its orders from you.

When I am alone-

I shall never sleep like in your arms.
I fail in the world, lost and forgotten.
I dream to only dream of you.
I am incomplete and insignificant.

My heart is yours.
A tangle of web, blood, tears, and growing joy.
Taken away in beats and returned in your kisses.
The hidden flesh and yours.

My simple thought to be enough.
And your infinity is to love.

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