ESPN Poll: Barry Bonds Divides World, via his race

Barry Lamar Bonds was a topic on Baseball Tonight, prior to the Philadelphia and San Francisco game. This time via another “scientific” poll. The results were displayed on the TV broadcast, but I lack the link to the final results…They were “interesting”…to say the least.

The biggest results of this poll is that RACE and RACE RELATIONS are still skewed. Not a shocker, not a surprise, given the subject matter: Bonds, Steroids, Successful African American males in Sports.

Bonds has done little good for his image, with his off-the-cuff, coming-across-as-arrogant nature. But I think he’s used almost solely as a scapegoat for the inability of commisioner Bud Selig to manage his quasi-monopoly properly. Bonds made trouble for himself – via words and his friction laden relations with the all-powerful sports media – and gets the spotlight shown on his career as a sham.

Steroids, steroids, and more steroids. Right before the Giants-Phillies game, another Steroids Ad was ran to show what steroids do…Another generalization to anyone who has taken them or knows about the 600 types of steroids.

Lastly, successful black athletes don’t get the bypass that caucasians do often for their behavior. While they will both get media, black athletes will be more scrutinized, more vilified, and otherwised dismissed as a “product” of their upbringing, not knowing what is right or not knowing how to handle success. Both an overgeneralization, but done by the majority white media…

More to come – and read the second post I made on the STEROIDS FALLACY. It’s long, but the GRAPHS (clickable) reflect some analysis about what did not cause this problem…

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