The New Money Honey: Erin Burnett takes over for Maria Bartiromo, April 30th

I barely watch stock reports. I would focus on the markets, stocks, bonds and the like if I actually had some dinero in that area. So, when I do watch it is for the classy women. At the very least, they are smarter than I am, in discussing the trends of the market. The best one is Erin Burnett in a runaway at the 16th pole (horse racing speak.)

Erin Burnett is definitely in the pipeline to supplant Maria as the ‘New Money Honey‘. She’s got obvious good looks, smarts (majored in political economy at Williams College in Massachusetts) and TV personality. She worked for the monolithic financial house Goldman Sachs, the blue chip of the M&A market, and has plenty of top-notch experience on TV from Bloomberg and other shows.

She strikes me as a straight lace person that can get frisky if the mood suits her. I just watch her lose composure while interviewing the part-time psychopath, full-time stock analyst Jim Kramer about the Washington madam that invested in a few stocks Kramer has been schilling. Kramer kept on using sexual innuendos (like being long (in the market) and firm), plus various other quips that put Ms. Burnett in a fit of wiggling in her chair. Kramer’s detractors say he’s a total fool- but he is entertaining in the staid business world.

Overall, she’s got something…likeable, approachable (business wise) and spark. Look for her to move up within two years as the TOP Money Honey. I watch CNBC rarely, but when I see her, I actually stop to listen, not just gawk while she’s on the SQUAWK BOX.

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  • Maria  On April 30, 2007 at 5:06 pm

    Well at least you actually LISTEN, I know guys who’d put the TV on mute and just watch (lol), take care!

  • JayPeeFreely  On May 1, 2007 at 6:27 am

    I would be losing out without actually learning about what certain stocks are doing…plus I like her voice too!!! (I can listen and look at her, she’s a double threat!)

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